Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We Went Green

Some people waited as long as three hours in the hot sun to get in to Invesco Field on Thursday to see Obama, after sitting in traffic for a couple more hours. Luckily for me, Denver and a coalition called Bikes Belong started a hugely successful bike program in the city called "freewheel!n" that has tents full of bikes to use for free all over the place. Bike companies provide the equipment and health insurance and provider organizations provide the funding and manpower.

I used the bikes three different days while in Denver and was able to get around the city and get some exercise in the gorgeous weather. Most importantly, Representatives Hinck and Babbidge along with Senator Bartlett and I grabbed a bike and rode to Invesco for the big event! We then walked a short distance on a path to get in a line to enter the stadium. After about 5 minutes we were handed cold water and before we knew it, we were happily inside and on the floor of this beautiful space.

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