Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscar For Best Ideologue Goes to the Angry Fat Guy

Convinced that all government is in a state of complete and utter crisis? Is the heavy weight of debt crushing the life out of our future prosperity?
Maybe the real load doomed to sink us is related to the girth of some of the guys running things around here. Over seventy-two percent of American men are overweight or obese, and they hold the reigns of power in the United States.
Women, weighing in significantly less, make up only 17% of the Congress, less than 24% of state legislatures, and less than 22% of state executive positions.
The rallying cry today is about personal responsibility and cutting spending. We talk about women and their good looks, but don’t talk about men and their big guts. We should. Obesity costs the American economy $270 billion per year in medical costs, loss of productivity and higher rates of death.
Almost every article covering the $315 million Huffington Post/AOL deal mentioned Arianna Huffington’s beauty, glamour and elegance, with not a word about the dashing (or not so much) looks of the men party to the transaction. Was the sensation of hair going up on my neck caused by sexist comments of the media, or just the wind ruffling my little Maine beard?
Every woman in power presents an optical illusion subject to public debate. Is she a hag, or is she a beautiful young woman? These conversations are apparently very important to our collective psyche.
Conversations about personal responsibility are important, too, in governing and in politics. It’s time to talk openly about many of the men in charge today in the media, in politics and in office who want to drastically cut the size of government. They are under a different type of illusion. They say they want smaller government but they are fat, and getting fatter by the minute.


Ms.Paula Page said...

Imagine that A Democrat hoping and helping to cut the fat from Our government. Bravo.
I remember early one a rep. in the state house being reported as stating:'this is another reason the republicans got elected,'"We hire the best looking women."
What we have right now in Maine is not a Government, but an AGENDA!!

Linda Finn Garden Design said...

They certainly are not overwieght from eating humble pie!

HSmevog said...

You probably have TC considering that second beer with a more critical eye today! :)

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Time to make the politicians set an example.

Anonymous said...

Appearance is tenth in line to ability. dill is obsessed with appearance. Those who cant do better look good?