Monday, March 28, 2011

We Can Get There From Here

From around 1991 until 2003 we lived in South Portland. Our first house was on Marriner Street, and then we moved to Bowers Street. Our two children went to Small School. We bought and remodeled a small office building in Knightville that housed my law practice. We are members of the First Congregational Church on Meetinghouse Hill where our kids were baptized and I taught Sunday School for years. I currently teach in South Portland at SMCC, and am a regular at Hannafords and Nonesuch Books.

In October, 2003 we moved to Cape Elizabeth, and it was the 2004 presidential election that propelled me from frustrated bystander of American democracy to candidate.  When I announced my intent to run for office, some people said, "you will never get elected here because you are from South Portland."

I proudly served as a member of the Cape Elizabeth Town Council and have been elected three times as the State Representative for District 121.

Now I am running for the Maine Senate in District 7 which encompasses Cape Elizabeth, South Portland and a small part of Scarborough. Some people are saying, "you will never get elected because you are from Cape Elizabeth."

The people of Maine want substance and leadership in Augusta, and the four miles that separate my old South Portland address from our home in Cape Elizabeth is not a canyon that divides, but rather a community with shared history, values and aspirations. Until 1895 South Portland was a part of Cape Elizabeth, and the desire of people here is that government works for them, provides an equal opportunity to succeed, invests in a shared and propsperous future, and provide a critical check on capitalism.

My hope for the future did not change because we crossed a town boundary line, nor has my desire to serve. I continue to want and fight for good schools and opportunity for my children, a clean environment, and government that is accountable, responsible and effective at solving our collective problems.

I have faith the citizens of Senate District 7 will not use zip codes as a litmus test in the voting booth. There's too much at stake.


Anonymous said...

Wish you much luck, for a better, and smarter Maine Senate!

And there really is no "away" --as we are learning daily, with "Japanese radiation" now alighting here.

Unless one is Native American, we are all immigrants.

Anonymous said...

What a shame. Set aside - will it come back?

L Wynne said...

It saddens me that people can be elected who are so uninformed and basically un-American. Look at all the leaders that are elected with less than a majority of the vote...Bill Clinton comes to mind. You are to be commended for being anti-school consolidation; however, where were you when it was being disguised in the budget and passed by Gov Baldacci? You must have known how detrimental it would be for all of our kids. The Tea Party people are actually just part of America (you know, the melting pot?) that decided to use our great system of rule of law to work hard to remove those in government that would sell us out and bring our country to the brink of bankruptcy. Fear not, the tea party will survive when paychecks dry up. Will you? Will you help our deficit by serving without compensation? Will you stand for truth without twisting words, accepting that your success and position are only possible because of gun-toting, honorable middle class Americans? Check you facts- about global warming, welfare issues, and the rest. There is no such thing as "one side of a story." Middle America gets it. Maybe someday you will too

Anonymous said...

Do you know there are anti-union ads on your blog?
Your blog is great, otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Well put by others on here. Tea Party is a good thing. Your petition for recall is bogus, and so is your campaign for senate.

Anonymous said...

Jeez. L Wynne posts one rambling incoherent comment, and another "tea-partier" seconds it. I find it ridiculously ironic the self-described racist... I mean Tea-Partier is lecturing you on the facts. It is also the height of irony that they pointed to Global Warming and Welfare issues as examples. Do they really not see that these are the two issues that the Tea Party distorts the most? (Well, that's debatable, they distort EVERY issue) The melting ice-caps and rising water levels are products of imagined science right? Also, the people of Australia and New Orleans just imagined those noticeably more powerful and destructive storms right. Not to mention the rest of the crazy weather occurring in our world that clearly is not part of any grand cycle. Also, everyone on Welfare is a "welfare queen" or a lazy bum who doesn't want to work right? The reality is that these safety nets are built into our system for a reason, and while some abuse it, it is necessary for the greater good. People abuse the Justice System and the Police Department as well, should a solution be to do away with courts and police? Hopefully that answer is self-evident, but you tea party wackos never cease to amaze me, so I'll give you a hint, the answer is NO.

Anonymous said...

Also, I whole-heartedly support your decision to enact recall legislation. Lepage is Maine's biggest embarrassment. To think, before this genius our darkest stain was James G. Blaine. Trust me, Lepage isn't half the man of Blaine.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your resounding win.

Look forward to hearing more from SENATOR Dill!