Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Senator Snowe is Net Neutral and Free

The Federal Communications Commission under the leadership of Chairman Genachowski, an Obama appointee, voted unanimously last Thursday to codify net neutrality rules over the coming months. This makes many Democrats happy and is supported enthusiastically by Google and Facebook, big users of networks that stand to lose a lot if telecoms start directing traffic on the Internet to give fast lanes to special applications and push competitors or bandwidth pigs to the slow lane.

On the same day Republican Senator John McCain introduced legislation titled the "Internet Freedom Act" to block the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules, calling such legislation a "government takeover" of the Internet.

So where does our good Republican Senator Snowe come down?

She believes net neutrality rules are necessary "as these fundamental protections are critical to ensuring Internet freedom and openness." Snowe herself introduced net neutrality legislation in the last Congress.

Freedom's just another word for...??

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abd said...

I watched the FCC hearings,and in actuality the vote was along party lines, where the Republican appointed commissioners voted to 'go along' with the review process. The Republican appointed commissioners presented minority dissent positions, but in the spirit of working (or perhaps placating) the Democratic majority, agreed to the process of reviewing net neutrality. I believe it would be more responsible (and credible)to report the true nature of these hearings.