Friday, January 28, 2011

Constituent Services Under the LePage Administration

TO: RepCynthia.Dill
Sent: Fri, Jan 21, 2011 3:41 pm
Subject: Gov. Lapage-Whistle blower

Rep. Dill,

I am writing to you today because I have been made aware of some very disturbing things happening with the new Administration. I am acting as a whistle blower. I am sorry that his has to be anonymous but I hope you will protect my identity. I am sick of what is happening in this Administration and you two seem to be the only ones with the guts to take them on. I think the press needs to see this, and I hope you can get it out to the people of Maine before it is too late. I don't pay taxes so 11,000 bureaucrats can work to re-elect Republicans....

Again, please respect my anonymitty and let me know if I can provide any other information. I was forwarded this email third hand from a friend who would kill me if they knew what I was doing. A lot of people are upset about this but are to scared to act.

Please do what you can to make the people of Maine aware of what the Governor is trying to do.

Please see email below

From: "Dan Demeritt"
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 11:13:26 -0500
Subject: incumbent protection

We need a business plan for incumbent protection and we should all contribute.
I know you guys are already thinking about it, but I wanted to make sure you know the Governor’s office is committed to making it a priority. That is why Paul has asked me to direct both Communications and Legislative Affairs – we are going to spend a great deal of time making Heather Sirocki and Garret Mason look very effective.
I am open to ideas, suggestions and changes. These are my initial thoughts on the planning process:

• Identify in numerical order (maybe groups of 10) our most vulnerable members and get to work on raising their profiles. Taking into consideration the demographics of their districts, their own abilities, and the strength of potential opponents we can prioritize so our resources are put to the best use.
o New House members
o New Senate members
o House members getting ready to make the leap to the Senate

• Identify Target Districts for pick-ups.
o Develop a list of districts where we have opportunities.
o Find ways to get real time information into those districts to soften the ground
o Find ways to get potential candidates engaged – Tony Couture of Jay lost a close house race and was at our Red Tape forum in Farmington. He is running again. Let’s start now.

• Coordination
o House and Senate Leadership
o Senator Snowe is aggressively gearing up. Let’s get her and her state offices involved in increasing the profile of our people.
*Constitutional Officers
o The LePage Administration – every department, every agency and the Governor himself.
§ Schedule Coordination
§ Sharing the spotlight on announcements & successes
§ Engaging members in the process

Example: We are probably going to pay the hospital debt through 2009 as part of the supplemental budget – about $259 million. We need to take several bites of the apple along the way – when we introduce the supplemental, when we pass it, when the Governor signs it. And I’ll even make sure our members know the exact day the exact amount of State funding transferred (and the amount) to their local hospitals so our members can show up with a big symbolic check to make it a press event. I like the visual of Garret Mason standing outside Central Maine Medical Center with a plywood-sized check in his hand signed by Paul LePage for $40 Million Dollars (or whatever the actual amount is).
• Training
o Train staff on identifying good opportunities
§ Introduced bill
§ Solved a problem
§ Cub scouts came to Augusta
o Train staff on coordination
o Train staff to use their time wisely. Termed members have to take a back seat to freshmen.
o Train staff to create low risk, high profile opportunities (i.e. hospital rallies / red tape audits – fish in a barrel stuff)
o Training Reps and Senators to be on the lookout themselves.

• Information I / we need on each member
o Committee Assignments
o Priorities
o Local hot button issues / large employers (i.e. businesses, hospitals, colleges)
o District media outlets – radio, weeklies, tv coverage, new media
o Local Contacts we can use to push information into communities through email / face book / word of mouth

A well-run effort makes it easier to pass our change agenda and puts our members in a position to stick around long enough to see the process through to the end.

I’d like to connect the week before Christmas with you and key staff. If you are not in town, we can hopefully get some of your staffs putting together some of the resources / information we are going to need to get rolling. Once we take office, Paul will put 11,000 bureaucrats to work getting Republicans re-elected. (emphasis added)


Dan Demeritt, M.B.A.
Communications Director
Gov.-Elect Paul LePage
(207) 877-7616 Office
(207) 215-4544 Cell


Ms.Paula Page said...

This is a republican response from: Vic Berardelli, vice chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Maine.

"The idiocy is that this was put in writing, not the content. That's totally inept and potentially politically suicidal. If it must be communicated, it should have been funnelled through third parties to establish plausible deniability. Either uttered by someone at the state party not affiliated with government or, even better, by a consultant or pundit with six degrees of separation who can float the idea and implant it among those who should be made aware without any fingers pointing back to anyone official.

Never put in writing what you can communicate with a whisper, never whisper what you communicate with a wink and a nod.

I'm seeing a dangerous arrogance coming out of the new GOP regime which isn't going to serve them well in 2012 or 2014."

...Which is to say,'Stupid for writing it Dan, but Hey great thoughts on breaking the Law.'

This Friends is the reason why I have never enrolled in any party. It always becomes such gross negligence. The people's work is never done. It is a posture, for power and control of the people; for profit from the people. Anyone know where I can find a good Constitutional lawyer? Also,how does one sharpen a petitioner's pen?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this old news?

Anonymous said...

Mark Twain was quoted as saying...."humans are the only animal that blushes....and the only animal that has a reason to blush."

Don't you just love our species!!
Just where was Dan educated? Good God, I pray it was not from our Maine educational system.

Some people are really dumb.....we never know it until they open their mouths.

Anonymous said...

The new administration doesn't seem to represent Maine's best and brightest; familiar with enough of them to know this to be true for many key appointees.

Interesting that a constituent of yours called you a "carpetbagger." Actually, I keep thinking about this new administration as being as close to the post-Civil War opportunists that prompted the coining of the term that I've ever seen run our state.

Just like the northerners that headed south after the "War of Northern Aggression" to work their various schemes, this new group in Augusta has come to town looking for any opportunity to politically manipulate and change Maine's laws for their own financial and power gains and appoint politically "tarnished" individuals that have no business being considered for key positions.

Privatizing prisons and appointing CCA officials to head ME's DOC, dismantling environmental regulations that have protected Maine's natural beauty and pristine assets, and reaching new heights (or lows) in the arena of cronyism by appointing one's daughter to a key post in said administration; just a few examples that indicate that LePage and Co. have no intention to put Maine's people ahead of politics.