Monday, January 24, 2011

The Winds of Opportunity Sow The Seeds of Success

To Bill Nemitz , Maine Democrats may very well be a bunch of pansies, but keep in mind these colorful flowers are hardy and can survive freezing temperatures while in bloom.

November’s election suffered a bad case of stem-rot, that common pansy sickness caused from fungus in unsterilized animal manure and campaign b.s. Symptoms include sudden collapse without warning. The GOP takeover of the Maine House of Representatives is but one example.

Luckily this disease can be easily treated with alcohol and a cold shower, two things Democrats tolerate extremely well.

We didn’t make a big stink about the inexperienced friends and family of the Governor (also a fun-gi) being appointed to his cabinet. We are letting sleeping dogs lie while we brew up an ancient elixir sure to bring down the House. Bill Shakespeare wrote about this potent pansy potion in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

"The juice of it, on sleeping eyelids laid, will make a man or woman madly dote upon the next live creature that it sees."

After a long, cold winter Maine people will wake up and come out of their cave. They will be hungry for real food, and will delight in seeing colorful harbingers of spring. Blue skies and pansies everywhere.


Ms.Paula Page said...

The sleeping dogs appear to be crapping all over the flower beds. With constitutional amendments everywhere. Maine does not want LD113 (HP95). Nor, the rest of the little power grab that has been started.
Now as to the Alcohol and cold shower. Do we need to consume the alcohol while showering? I have tried both separately and really it has not helped much.

Nancy said...

Creatively (almost cutely) written, so a B+ there.

If your point is persuasion, though, you have a lot of work to do.

The Democrats had over 2 months to figure out how to deal with the new Governor and Legislature. Your decision not to vote for Nutting was what everyone on your side of aisle should have done. Not saying anything about questionable picks for the Cabinet merely compounds the error and does not give me, at least, much hope that the Dems can turn things around without major gaffs, scandals or missteps by LePage/Republicans.

Anonymous said...

If you wait too long it will be toolate to stop the massive hurricane that has been unleshed on this state. I'm starting to question weather I still want to be a Democrat in this state, I'm too ashamed at the leaders in Augusta and their inaction. They seemed to have slipped into a coma.