Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Since the Denver convention last year, Barack Obama has been elected President, the world went down in economic flames, my son went to high school as a giant football player, I started teaching American Government, and took a gig occasionally filling in as a radio host on a conservative news show.

Oh, and Dawn Johnsen is my new bff.

So I now listen to conservative talk-radio in order to provide balanced teaching and defensive radio hosting. Think cod liver oil. Or a smelly gym. No pain, no gain. That sort of thing.

Glenn Beck is a trip. He has a formula that is really working for him. First, he says things to scare people. Then he reminds everyone that he had predicted the very thing that is so scary. Then he invokes the constitution. Then he tells listeners they are very patriotic and good. Then he exhales.

There is then a pregnant pause.

Then he blames liberals and ACORN for all human suffering and breaks for a commercial. Usually its about his sleep number bed, or Carbonite Online Backup, but today the-sky-is-falling-because-of-liberals Glenn Beck had a plaintiff's law firm invite "victims" of mesothelioma to call a 1-800 number to sign up for a socialist, liberal, ACORN-ish, feminsist, Marxist, Democrat lawsuit.



Peter said...

Nice post Cynthia. Thanks for taking the time to make those observations. - Peter

HSmevog said...

Really good blog, Cynthia!! I don't get much conservative radio here- although maybe I just don't recognize it!! :-) Obama is still popular and since there are no credit cards the economy seems to have bounced fully back from a minor blip last year- what a bummer for those of us who are paid in dollars and my friends who were house shopping and waiting for those prices to fall- but for everyone else it's a relief and a good sign of responsible living I think!!! So, about your new BFF- of course I am jealous but am I not correct that Maine reps are not supporting her...ouch!?

OK, lots of love, gotta go wake up the birthday girl! -Holly :-)

lindafblue said...

Since it is "not your father's blog"...does he read it??

julia bassett said...

The really scary thing is that people BELIEVE this stuff.