Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is a Loser

Remember during the 2008 presidential election when Rush Limbaugh asked whether the people of America really wanted to watch a woman age daily in the Oval Office?

The visual for some, I guess, was a withering on the vine of Hillary Clinton. A rotten-apple face of a president tacked back at the ears by plastic surgery mixed with big jewelry and bleeding lipstick.

These people rushed out and caucused for anything with an X and Y chromosome.

The question today is do the people of America really want to listen to an angry, narcissistic, swollen orca of a man talk about his diet?

El Rushbo, as he likes to call himself, is on a diet. He and his side-kick Snerdley broke the story in April and drone about it on the Rush Limbaugh show. Apparently his BMI is broadcast excellence.

Broad, maybe, but anyone out there with an active imagination? What do you think of when you picture Rush weighing in every day before he hits the airwaves?

Is he in size 75 briefs with a gut the size of a Ford Pinto hanging over the waistband? Does he wear boxers that could be used as tarps to shelter the homeless?

Rush allegedly has lost 90 pounds and jogged, amazingly, one fifth of a mile yesterday. This is impressive. But how, where and what, exactly, is all that extra pink skin doing these days?

The visual might be a mix of a Sharpei and a pig.

A Sharpiggie.

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