Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Boy, Glenn

If a real Mom says the President of the United States is a Man-Child and comes from the Banana Republic, is it true?

If so, Glenn Beck is really on to something. Beck and His staff at Fox News dug up 50 women (that's right - 50!) who were willing to be chauffeured to New York, made up, fed wraps and diet soda, and appear on the Glenn Beck variety show to talk about how much they hate President Obama.

These 9-12 Project Moms (real American Moms!) wane nostalgic for the good old days of 2001, specifically September 12, 2001 when everything was wholesome and good in the United States. You remember, right? Fundamental American virtue was oozing out of every crack of our social fabric. Civic discourse was polite. People were tolerant of diversity. Americans cared for each other and there weren't any scary czars.

Not today, boy, and these Moms are not gonna take it any more! They are going to tea parties to blame liberal, Marxist, fascist socialists for the war we are losing and our country's debt! They are marching on Washington to protest that the Middle Class has eluded them and their children! They are writing nasty things on blogs. They interrupt meetings and spread false information about healthcare reform and climate change.

And thank God for Glenn. He brings us these truths on Fox News and 185 radio stations and in 3 best selling novels because we all know that darn fringe media won't cover him or these Moms.

These are authentic, right-wing, angry female Moms! Why isn't anyone listening to them except Glenn Beck?

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That is very interesting MOM