Friday, January 14, 2011

He Means Business. Maine Governor Tells NAACP, “Kiss My Butt”

The Maine NAACP has not been feeling the love from the new LePage Administration since the Tea Party- backed governor was elected in November. Numerous requests for meetings have been denied, and one of LePage’s first official acts was an order allowing state officials to question the immigration status of people in the Pine Tree State.

While at a function for a local Chamber of Commerce, the governor explained to a reporter that he was too busy to meet with the NAACP, who he describes as a “special interest” group, and that they can “kiss my butt.”

Governor LePage intends to run the State of Maine like a business, and has issued an order that state departments must notify him when they speak with the press and when they communicate with state legislators.

Perhaps this governor needs to step outside of his echo Chamber.


Anonymous said...

Gov. LePage is setting a great example of how to run a business.

I like it when a business that I patronize tells me to "Kiss my butt." It makes me feel like a valued customer.

Oh, and it's nice that Maine's state department heads will be contacting Gov. LePage every time they speak to the press and/or legislators.

That is a new and creative way to improve efficiency within state government, create more jobs for Mainers, and increase value for shareholders.

Best of all, Gov. Le Page can provide pithy talking points to his department heads that will come in handy when they talking to reporters and legislators.

"They don't like the idea of eliminating the Dept, of Education? Just tell 'em 'Heeeyyy, Sit on it!'"

Kimberly Simmons said...

I'm so curious about how the Legislature can and will respond to this -- and to his appearing at an anti-abortion rally (can we say special interest) the same day. I think you all have an incredible challenge to model a level of engagement and discourse that is worthy of public office and work with him. If it were a business, you'd probably be figuring out how to quit. We need strong progressive legislators - what can we do to have your back? What can you do to make this better for the people of Maine?

bgeorge said...

Notify him when they speak to the press? Has any one checked in with the First Amendment implications of a such a dictate?

Ms.Paula Page said...

Mr. Lepage, According to you All of Maine Is but a special interest, Well Sir to that I can only say but one thing, Kiss Our Collective Rectums.
Sincerely, Ms. Paula Page