Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Am I Psycho?

Even as a full-fledged VIP Floor Delegate, it took over an hour to get to the convention at the the Pepsi Center from our hotel, located just 14 blocks away. Security is a big component of the convention, seconded by star-gazing and then texting.

Once in my seat, I was impressed with the beauty of the execution and choreography of the event. The center glows in hues of blue (my favorite color) and the air is cool and the sound crisp. It was surprisingly elegant and polished.

I first "heard" from my good friend Kate Knox, who was in the Teamsters sky box, so I "asked" her to wave and she did and we all waved back. Sounds fun, right?

Then Rep. Gary Connors texted me and said "Just saw you on cspan following ted's speech...Looking good!" Janet Mills texted me and asked where we were sitting.

Seeing and hearing Michelle Obama was incredibly moving. When she spoke about her family and the work done by Dr. King and Hillary Clinton, among many others, who helped her achieve the American Dream I was deeply touched. I also realized she needed to tell her story to counter the media-hype and hate that was being churned out in sound bites by cable news chumps and saw her anew as my sister. When her lips trembled just a little, I shed a tear. Meanwhile a couple of my fellow delegates who shall remain unnamed were balling their eyes out.

Then I got a text from Maine that said "Dont b one of the delegates who starts crying during the speeches!"

So I asked (sniff sniff) "Why?"

And it said "because they look a little psycho on tv!"

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