Monday, August 25, 2008

Guns (and Democrats) Everywhere in Denver

Representatives Jon Hinck, Linda Valentino and I left Saco, Maine at 6 AM and arrived in Denver 1 PM their time via Manchester and Chicago. The Maine delegation is staying at the Hilton Garden – a fabulous location – located across the street from the Colorado Convention Center.

We got somewhat gussied up and met in the lobby of our hotel to get tickets for the first big event – a Welcome Party hosted by the Friends of New Orleans. Picture thousands of people in a huge ball room with tons of food, open bar and loud Cajun music. In other words, it was a blast.

Next stop was a celebration of the civil rights movement at the beautiful Buell Theatre. Senator Bartlett and I had fun hanging around the VIP room and chatting it up with Danny Glover, who confided in me he didn’t know what he was supposed to be doing. I assured him making himself available for photo ops was probably in the job description.

The night ended (for me, anyway) with a walk over to the Young Democrats Party. Theoretically old-timers like me should have been shut out, but in true D spirit, I was welcome.

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