Thursday, August 28, 2008

How was the Roll Call?

I understand there was a roll call vote. Sorry I missed it.

Yesterday's breakfast meeting was where we signed the official ballot indicating our support for either Obama or Clinton as the nominee. It was quite a difficult decision for some - in fact one Obama delegate who I have become close to was struggling to the point of tears because her heart told her Clinton was the right choice, but she felt an obligation to those who elected her. She asked me to find out if the ballots would be confidential (they are not).

I voted for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton delegates met with the Senator that afternoon around 1:30 in the Colorado Convention Center (not the Pepsi Center). Hillary is wonderful up close and personal. She "released" us and said we should do whatever we felt was the right thing to do. She recognized a pledged delegate's dilemma and said we would be honoring her by voting for Obama and honoring her if we voted for her. She told us she had cast her ballot for Obama and convincingly made the case why its so incredibly important to elect a Democrat to the White House.

Meanwhile the convention gods decided to move up the time for the roll call without telling the rank and file.

By the time I got back to my room, changed, packed for the convention, got on the shuttle bus, was frisked and scanned and searched - the roll call was over!

How was it?

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