Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

I loved having breakfast with Howard Dean, Tom Allen, Mike Michaud, and Gov. Baldacci this morning.

Howard Dean remarked that we are not on defense in this election year, and last night's convention showed the nation that the Obamas are a first family we can be comfortable with and very proud of.

Tom Allen told us Diana has finished all her chemotherapy treatment and is fine in that regard, but has a fever and will not be joining us at the convention (I'm sure she is reading my blog, though). Diana is, according to Tom, an "absolute rock".

Governor Baldacci urged us to enjoy the convention and appreciate its historical significance. He talked about passing the torch to the new generation of Americans in the context of being with his son Jack at Rock the Vote. He remembered his parents being delegates for Kennedy, and slapping Kennedy's cadillac when he campaigned in Maine.

With passion, Governor Baldacci also said that never before have we had partisan foreign policy, and it has to change. Before W, we always united as a country at the shore's edge, and we must do so again.

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