Friday, August 22, 2008

The House Next Door

I picked up my t-shirt, a Denver magazine and a travel voucher at a reception for the delegates at the Blaine House. It was remarkable how when confronted face-to-face with the members of our group, everyone behaved.

While sharing goat cheese, smoked fish and fruit, even the most ardent among us were willing to put down our arms for Obama and Clinton and temporarily satisfy the human need to eat and be social. The truce was definitely fostered by our gracious hosts and their dogs. Governor Baldacci, in a tangerine golf shirt, was very relaxed and easy-going, as always. Maine’s First Lady was sporting some mules and a blue oxford and cheerfully lugged into the room additional chairs to make us comfortable. The Gov impressed upon us the importance of our mission in a low-key manner and thankfully was very brief in his remarks. Both he and Mrs. Baldacci offered practical advice about the upcoming adventure. The two family mutts were hanging around underfoot. Summer breezes were blowing the curtains. It felt like I was at my aunt’s house for a summer party.

We were given information about imbedded reporters traveling with us, and cautioned to be mindful of our role as representatives of the great State of Maine. Lurking in every elevator and every restroom in Denver could be a reporter looking for a scandal.

Around 6 PM I left and the evening was gorgeous. I walked next door through the state house lawn to my car.

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